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Höglerstrasse 73
CH-8600 Dübendorf

Col GS Ronald Drexel

Commandant of the Army Training Centre (ATC)
Swiss Armed Forces

Date of birth: 3 January 1964
Profession: graduate professional (regular) / officer, MAS SPCM ETHZ

Education/professional education

1971-1984: primary school in Appenzell, followed by high school in Appenzell, graduation and qualification for university entrance, A level classical type
1985-1990: commercial training with the United Bank of Switzerland (UBS) and University of St. Gallen, political sciences and business administration
1990-1991: graduation BBA, credit manager with UBS
1991-1994: Swiss Military Academy for professional officers, graduation as professional officer
2000: Infantry Captains Career Course Fort Benning, Georgia
2007–2008: Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Joint Services Command and Staff College, Advanced Command and Staff Course: psc(j) diploma (MERIT)
2013-2015: ETHZ MAS SPCM (Master of Advanced Studies in Security Policy and Crisis Management)

Service/employment history

1990-1991: credit manager with UBS
1995-1998: professional officer at the Infantry Basic Training Centre St.Gallen-Herisau
1998–1999: deputy commander and head planner at the Infantry Basic Training Centre SG
2000: Infantry Captains Career Course at Fort Benning, GA, USA, professional officer at the infantry officers school of the Armed Forces, Zurich
2001: professional officer at the Swiss Infantry Training Centre, Walenstadt
2002-2006: professional officer: deputy commander / commander of the support dept and chief tactical training at the professional NCO School of the Swiss Army, Herisau
2006–2007: trainer / team leader and coach of general staff officers, Lucerne
2008–2010: deputy J7 at the Armed Forces Joint Staff, Berne
2010–2013: commandant of the Infantry Basic Training Centre St. Gallen - Herisau
2013–2016: deputy commanding officer / chief of staff / chief of personnel at the Land Forces Training Centre, Walenstadt
2017–2017: commandant of the Land Forces Training Centre, Walenstadt
2018-: commandant of the Army Training Centre, Walenstadt

Military career (conscript army)

1984–1988: Basic training as recruit /NCO / platoon leader
1988–: platoon leader, company commander, battalion commander, general staff officer on brigade and Army Corps level, head of a branch at the Armed Forces Joint Staff, Commandant of the ATC

Presentation of the Army Training Centre and its missions


Provision of initial/basic and advanced training to professional military personnel across all branches of the Armed Forces in cooperation with the Armed Forces College Command and the training units.

Combat Training Centres East / West (CTC)

Support of the Command Operations and the Training Command in achieving basic and operational readiness in the area of simulator-based exercises.

Testing and development

Support of projects within the framework of armament procurement processes across all branches of the Armed Forces. Cooperation concerning questions of weaponry, equipment, training materials as well as munitions. Field testing and the development of live simulation platforms of the CTCs

Military training areas and firing ranges

Provision of required infrastructure in support of the troops at the training areas Walenstadt, St. Luzisteig and Bure as well as on the firing ranges Hinterrhein and Wichlen.

Short presentation of the Combat Training Centres (CTC)

Mission / Organisation / Cooperation with RUAG as a serving company, ensuring readiness of the facilities.

Meaning of simulation based training to prepare troops by training as they would fight. How we conduct and support simulator-based training of combat techniques and tactical core competencies of the Army up to battalion level. Especially presentation of the way of cooperation with the responsible conscripted militia army leaders (support in preparing, conducting and reviewing exercises by means of simulators). Reviewing performance within the framework of the Army training controlling system.